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Our Organization's Mission and Concept


The Mission

Independent real estate brokers and agents alone, have a significant challenge in portraying a larger than self image to the Internet consumer and still maintain their individual identity and name branding.  Those brokers and agents that have successfully built and maintain content heavy websites that are web positioned and that rank well in search engine results are ready for the next level of market dominance.  The broker and agent websites need to be networked and affiliate with other like minded agents in other parts of the country and the world.

The Concept

The purpose of maximizing an agent's web presence is premised upon the concept that lead generation is a significant part of the Internet marketing portion of an agent's overall electronic business plan.  Assuming an agent's web positioning initiatives are productive, then the question that must be addressed is, "How can you get the consumer to contact you and hold the attention of a greater number of potential customers?"

Numerous studies have shown that 60 to 70 percent of the consumers on the internet searching for real estate related information, are searching for information about "homes for sale".  The remaining 30 to 40 percent of the consumers are searching for other miscellaneous information that is not focused in any one area and that covers the gammet of real estate related subject matter.  For this reason, web site CONTENT is paramount and must satisfy the consumers search for information.  Organization of information and ease of finding what you are looking for within a real estate oriented website is also critical to keeping the consumer focused on your site.

Once an agent achieves success in their Internet presence at the individual or team level, then they must network with other successful agents in order to realize the benefits derived from participating in a large network (but at the same time, not lose their individuality for namebranding purposes).

To be worthwhile, the participants within a network must benefit from an economy of scale by reducing the costs associated with building, maintaining and web positioning their website(s), reciprocal linking, business referral and sharing other cost benefits. The development of an agent's Internet presence as it transitions through the process is outlined below:


Discovering the Problem

Individuals see the benefits realized by large networking organizations and desire to organize into a group in order to benefit from using shared resources previously unavailable as too costly and manpower intensive to maintain by small teams or individual agents.


Facing the Challenges

Be on guard.  As in the formulation of other groups, there is a danger that an individual might sacrifice previously realized profits or individual identity. The question becomes how do we benefit as an organization but maintain our profitability, autonomy and individuality?


The Solution

Establish a network structure for the affiliation of independent brokers and agents that have developed a dominant web presence in their area of operation. Participating in a network should improve web positioning aspects of their web presence resulting in additional lead generation and cost savings from sharing common Internet resources.  At the same time, there is no loss of autonomy or individuality.

Network Affiliation
Dominant Web Presence
Web Positioning
Economy of Scale

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The Network in Practice

The solution is to create a Network structured for the inclusion of custom websites of successful brokers and agents. The Network is organized by geographic oriented and subject matter oriented websites. The geographic websites are primarily custom built agent type websites while the subject matter oriented websites are part of a supporting real estate mall.

An example of a team of agents can be found in the team for  ""  You can also view the network of agents for Maryland here: The team focuses their operation in and around central Maryland.

Some of the subject matter oriented websites that provide support to the agent websites are listed below:

  1. "Street Maps" - Used by their local MLS board providing map coordinates within the MLS information.
  2. "Credit Reports" - Used by the agents to assist their clients in analyzing the client's credit history.
  3. "Reciprocal Linking" - Used by e-PRO® certified Realtors® to provide a reciprocal linking organization for their websites and a business referral network.
  4. "Real Estate Mall" - Provides the consumer with subject matter websites and provides the agents with additional web traffic generation and incoming links.
  5. "Wireless Mobile Offices" - Assists the agent in developing a wireless mobile office capability to be used in their local and regional sales area.

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